Increased CCTV and drones to crack down on illegal dumping

Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly

Covert surveillance, aerial imagery from drones and satellites as well as the installation of CCTV cameras will be used to help crack down on illegal dumping, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment announced today.

Describing illegal dumping as ‘economic and environmental treason’ the Minister Denis Naughten is allocating €2m this year for a targeted crackdown on illegal dumping black spots across the country.

“Ireland is fighting back and reclaiming our rivers, beaches, parks and walkways from illegal dumpers. The response to last year’s anti-dumping initiative from the public and local authorities was unprecedented.

“The battle is well and truly on to catch and prosecute those who are committing environmental and economic treason. Our communities are standing as one to say enough. Our river-ways, mountainsides, towns and villages are to be used no longer as the dumping grounds by those who have no respect for our environment, our laws or their neighbours. 

"Local communities were central to the success of the Anti-Dumping Initiative last year and they will be again this year. These communities are the backbone of our counties and they are also victims, reporters, witnesses and partners in the clean-up and control of sites that are targeted by fly-tippers.”

Minister Naughten and the Minister for Rural and Community Development Michael Ring today launched the 2018 Anti-Illegal Dumping Initiative.

Last year €1.3m was spent on 230 clean-up and restorative projects with over 2.8 thousand tonnes of waste was removed from public and private lands, beaches, walking routes and residential areas. 

Last year €1.4 million was allocated to Tidy Towns groups around the country to support their voluntary work and now that funding has increased by €700,000 up to €2m.

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Speaking at the launch of the 2018 Anti-Dumping Initiative Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring said a debt of gratitude is owed to the volunteers who tidy up illegal dumping.

“Community groups that engage in local clean-ups, motivated purely by a love of place and pride in parish, have been the bulwark against those who engage in this deplorable practice."

Applications for funding are being invited from Local Authorities for consideration by the relevant Waste Enforcement Regional Local Authority subject to the selection criteria developed for this purpose.

This includes proposed actions that focus on unauthorised waste collectors and the sources of waste targeting unpermitted ‘man with a van’ operations advertising on-line and through leaflet drops; intelligence led days of action; household bulky waste initiatives such as mattress amnesties. Funds will also continue to be made available to support enforcement personnel in accessing the latest ICT enforcement tools.   

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