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Chicken campaigner who became social media star attacked by vegans who say eating eggs is evil


A chicken campaigner who became a social media star alongside her birds has been targeted by extreme vegans who believe eating eggs is evil.

Haidy Mansfield, who gave up her day job as an anti-fraud officer to rescue caged birds and campaign for ethical egg farming, was shocked when her Facebook page where she posted pictures of her chickens Belle and Fleur as they recovered from a hard life on an intensive farm grew to having 21,000 fans.

After falling in love with the birds, nine of which she has at her Dorset home, the campaigner decided to dedicate her life to promoting ethical egg farming. She believes that all chickens deserve to have ample space to scratch around outside in the fresh air.

However, she has come under attack from extreme vegans, who believe she is promoting an “evil” lifestyle by asking her followers to buy ethically-farmed eggs.

Ms Mansfield told The Telegraph they said eating eggs was “evil”, explaining: “They don't believe chickens should be used full stop. That the eggs aren't ours to take.

"I understand their passion and that it's a very black and white line for them. They aren't going to agree, they see me as perpetuating the issue by promoting that people choose to buy ethical eggs

" I just say that if you're going to eat eggs, be mindful about where they're from. There are of course extreme views in everything - people think the chickens should be implanted so they stop laying as they aren't ours to use.”

She said she has been upset by the comments and even moved to tears, posting on Facebook: “I don’t intentionally want to offend anyone, however, there is a faction of Vegan society who have taken it upon themselves to sabotage every post I write, and no doubt they will this one. They have no qualms upsetting, belittling or insulting people who eat eggs and support my mission to bring an end to caged egg farming.”

The campaigner emphasised that this is a small number of extreme vegans, and that many of her vegetarian and vegan friends support her mission to make chicken farming more ethical.

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