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Saturday 15 December 2018

Farmers warned NOT to venture outside to tend to livestock

Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle

​Farmers have been warned not to venture out to tend to livestock at the height of what is expected to be a deadly blizzard.

Officials say “common sense” will have to be applied over the next 24 hours.

Where possible animals should be moved indoors but it is going to be a “difficult couple of days for farmers”. understands there is a particular concern that farmers could be disorientated if in exposed areas like fields once the storm hits.

Zero visibility is predicted for large parts of the country.

“Livestock should be moved to sheltered areas ahead of 4pm,” said a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture.

He said if there is a serious need to go onto a farm then the person should be accompanied at all times.

They should bring a mobile phone and wear a high-visibility jacket.

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Even when the blizzard ends, farmers are being warned to take extreme precaution.

In particular they have advised not to try remove snow from old sheds or buildings.

A Status Red alert has been issued for the entire country and people have been urged to remain indoors from 4pm today until at least noon tomorrow.

The army is being called out in Longford to clear local roads and dairy processors are warning that there will be disruptions to milk collections as some roads are impassable with snow and ice.

Not since 1982 has the country been struck with such force by Mother Nature, as Storm Emma clashes with Arctic winds. It will cause heavy snowfall and gusts of up to 110kmh, resulting in "zero-visibility".

A meeting of the LacPatrick emergency response team on Thursday morning decided that staff at the Monaghan Town site will finish work at 2pm and the site will not be open on Friday.

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