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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Farmers are swapping their wellies for yoga this spring

Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Kerry farmers are saying 'namaste' to yoga and goodbye to stress in an effort to cope during the busy calving and lambing seasons.

Mike O’Shea who is a suckler farmer in South Kerry told RTE’s SixOne News that he started yoga in an effort to keep his body in shape and that most of the class he attends is made up of farmers.

“Half of them are farmers working hard in the buildings doing physical work. It’ll keep the body in shape. It’s good for the knees. It brings back the back,” he said.

“You’d be a new man coming home.”

Mike also added that yoga offers an alternative to the pub as a way for farmers to socialise.

“I live on my own, that’s the main reason. It’s an excuse to get out of the house. I’m not a man for the bar. Rural isolation is a big problem. If you don’t get out you’ll be abandoned,” he said.

Yoga is great for the mind, it gets the stress out too. And if you’re under pressure on the farm, if the mind wanders off, take a few deep breaths and you’ll freshen up again.”

Mike’s yoga teacher Lesley MacLean added that the physical nature of farming means that activities such as yoga are really important for farmers.

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"So they’re doing quite heavy jobs some of them around the farm, a lot of physical jobs and the shoulders get very strong. So coming to do something like yoga means they can increase the suppleness and also become body aware, so they can correct imbalance themselves," she said.

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