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Friday 23 February 2018

Farm accident survivor to speak at major farm safety talk

Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery
Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

Cavan Library Service is hosting a farm safety talk next week featuring a number of key speakers from the sector.

The event takes place in Drumavaddy Hall, Cavan, next Thursday 2nd March at 8.30pm.

Farm Accident Survivor, Galway dry stock farmer Peter Gohery will be speaking about the day he was severely injured and almost died when he became  entangled on an unguarded PTO shaft.

Arthur Byrne, Safety Manager, ESB Networks will also be speaking on the night highlighting that electricity is a powerful and versatile source of energy but can be dangerous unless we use it safely.

Serious accidents can occur on farms when machinery comes too close to overhead electricity wires or electrical equipment becomes faulty. 

Working near overhead electricity wires and having an unsafe electrical installation are the main causes of electrical fatalities on farms.

The agriculture sector is set to receive special attention for safety inspections this year, the Heath and Safety Authority (HSA) has announced.

The Authority has today published its ‘Programme of Work for 2017’ providing details of planned actions, priorities and inspection targets for the year.

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The reduction of workplace fatalities in all sectors remains a priority and the Authority will carry out a wide range of enforcement, prevention and support activity during 2017.

This year there are a total of 11,220 workplace inspections and investigations planned.

There will be 4,000 construction site inspections with a focus on preventing accidents involving self-employed workers and small sized contractors.

The HSA says the agriculture sector will also receive significant attention with 2,000 farm inspections planned. However, this is down from a target of 2,300 announced last year.

The Authority says there will be a continued emphasis on promoting safety on farms through participation in knowledge-sharing and discussion groups.

An updated Farm Safety Code of Practice will also be published.

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