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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Daredevil pigs, tug of war and tractor pulling contests are set to entertain the crowds at this year’s Tullow show

James O Toole and Grace Nolan at the launch evening for the Tullow Show. Photo Roger Jones
James O Toole and Grace Nolan at the launch evening for the Tullow Show. Photo Roger Jones
Claire Mc Cormack

Claire Mc Cormack

A team of daredevil pigs will attempt the impossible at this year's Tullow Agricultural Show when they will bounce around a small obstacle course.

The pigs, a mix of Tamworth, Duroc, Oxford Sandy and Black and Pietrain breeds, will strut their stuff as part of the show's first ever pig agility demonstrations.

Up to 10,000 spectators are expected to turn out for the Carlow county show, celebrating it's 69th birthday, on the vast Coppenagh site on Sunday, Aug 20.

Local rugby hero and farmer Sean O'Brien, aka "The Tullow Tank" will also be on hand to help out with traffic management.

Other top attractions include All-Ireland tug of war competitions, a tractor pulling contest, cattle and sheep showing, vintage machinery display, goat and donkey classes and miniature horse novelty show jumping.

Mariea O'Toole, Tullow Agricultural Show pro said the talented porkies are sure to be a fan favourite.

"The pigs will be put through their paces,” Mariea said. The pigs will jump through fake hoops of fire, as the tinsel flaps to make it appear like real flames, and complete a small little obstacle course.

"Members of the audience will be able to get involved when two mammies or two daddies compete against each other with the pigs around the course. It will be a bit of fun for everyone."

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Mariea said the tractor pulling always generates a crowd as does the art work exhibitions from school children in the area which will be judged at the show.

Cookery demonstrations and cocktail making classes will also feature inside the food pavilion hall.

Sean O'Brien volunteers to work at the show every year.

"He has always helped out even as a youngster growing up. For anyone with children in sport he is their hero and it means a lot to us that he still gets involved every year," she said.

The Tullow Agricultural Show is a trade show that helps promote local business and in turn, helps build a stronger local economy.

"A lot of people travel home and have their holidays around it so it's an important date in the calendar.

"It's great for the local economy and every year we give a new business in the area a free stand and that has been really important for us.

"All food served on the day comes from local supermarkets and the local pub will do a bar on site too so it is very community and county based," she said.

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