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An animal rights activist was left hospitalised after she clashed with a man while she filmed a nearby hunt.

The woman and her friend, who are both part of West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs, were approached by the furious man after they has spent more than two hours trying to disrupt the Warwickshire hunt.

The man was captured on camera shoving the women to the ground as she attempted to leave.

Although the hunt did not publish video of the woman being smacked by the hunt supporter, they posted several photos of the incident. Still of the activist with blood at the side of her face.

After the incident, she can be heard on a radio saying: "I have just been assaulted. I've just be slapped in the face."

Once she left the hunt area, the activist was brought by her group to Warwickshire Hospital A&E for treatment.

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The video, originally posted on the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs Facebook page, has been viewed more than 250k times since it was uploaded on Saturday.

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A spokesman for the hunt saboteurs told the Mirror that this incident shows the type of people that some fox hunters are.

"We were concerned that the hunt were hunting a fox and that the hounds were heading towards a busy main road. Suddenly two hunt supporters approach us and start shouting aggressively before attacking us.

"It shows what type of people fox hunters are that they think it acceptable for men to attack women, punch them and then shove them over from behind."

A spokesperson for the Warwickshire Hunt told the paper that hunt organisers comply with the UK's hunting act.

"The Hunt does not condone any form of violence, even when faced with extreme provocation, personal harassment and other serial offences."

This is the second time in recent weeks that West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs made the headlines.

Last month, a farmer used his quad bike to confront other saboteurs, before pushing one member of the group into a nearby ditch.

Later, the man's quad bike knocked another member of the group off his feet and into a ditch.

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