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Saturday 17 March 2018

An American Corn Snake is not what a Donegal farmer expected to find in his field

Corn Snakes are common but this is a rare colour. Picture: LK Pets, Donegal.
Corn Snakes are common but this is a rare colour. Picture: LK Pets, Donegal.
The American Corn Snake that was found in a Donegal field. Picture: LK Pets, Donegal.
FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

A farmer walking his land outside Milford was more than surprised when he came across an American Corn Snake in the grass.

The farmer initially thought it was just old piping but when he spotted it move, he realised that it was a two-foot long snake in the grass.

Emma Curran of LK Pets said the farmer was out checking stock and though it was pipe until he saw the head and it moved."

He put a bag down over it and scoop it up and his wife rang around their neighbours to see if someone owned it or if they knew of someone with a snake, but no owner was found. One of the neighbours rang LK Pets and explained the situation.

"Dad was shocked, he runs the shop, as the last thing you'd expect to find wild in Donegal is a snake."

Emma said Slithers, as they've named him, is: "a lovely young snake and was very well looked after, so he's definitely a pet."

"He's very friendly and is in with another corn snake. He's ready to shed his skin and is perfectly healthy a snake would not shed its skin unless its healthy."

The shop sells a number of snakes every year, but they've never had a caramel colour corn snake before, she said.

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"We never had one this colour, we usually have red ones, but never had a caramel coloured one, it's quite rare. They are quite a common snake but this is a rare colour."

Snakes, Emma said, are quite a common pet, as they don't need a lot of care, just to be feed once a week, a nice clean tank, water and a rock to hide under.

However, if no one comes to claim Slithers, she said the local Tropical World owner is happy to give him a permanent home.

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