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Tuesday 17 July 2018

'A lovely tribute' - Novel way to send departed tractor fans off in style

FarmIreland Team

FarmIreland Team

An entrepreneurial engineer has come up with a novel way for those making their last journey to do so in style.

Aaron Grew, an engineer from Scotstown, Monaghan, spent the last 12 months working on revamping an old Ford Granada into a unique hearse.

My Hearse, My way, he says, was set up to provide a personally tailored and professional send off to your departed loved one.

"We feel this is a lovely symbol and tribute to a life well lived, and we hope to maybe bring a small smile, from fond memories, on what is always a difficult day for families,"

According to Aaron, he came up with idea after seeing a motorbike trike operating as a hearse at a funeral and thought that, along with is carpenter father, he could make a version of this from an old hearse.

"I'm a massive tractor and lorry fanatic and I came home from that funeral thinking that I could use the same idea but make a hearse that can go behind a tractor, transit van, golf buggy or anything with towing capabilities and it offers people an opportunity to have something that reflects them at their funeral.

"So, what started out as a full proper hearse, 1995 Ford Granada car that he bought online and cut it, fitting a new fibreglass front that they had made for it. We fitted it ourselves and then had it re-sprayed and re-upholstered."

After spending the year working on it, he said it was fitting that the first use of the hearse was his own granduncle.

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And now the engineer at McAree Engineering in Ballinode, Monaghan, is looking to offer it to other people. 

"We launched the facebook page last week and the interest has been great. People see it as an opportunity to do things differently at their funeral."

The service, he said, costs less than €500 and the hearse can be delivered to any part of Ireland or the UK.

"We can provide a driver but ideally a family member does the driving," he said.

"It's not for everyone, but it's a really unique way for a family to bid farewell to a loved one through remembering something that was dear to them."

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