'Rural end of society is being left behind'

Blessington Mart in 1957
Blessington Mart in 1957

The Doyle family have experienced a lot of change in both farming and the mart trade over the decades.

Myles Doyle's uncles Jim, Pat and Myles are credited with the founding of Blessington Mart in the centre of the town in 1952.

However, their siblings Ned, along with Myles' father Eugene, also later joined the business which remained in the centre of the town until 1957 when it moved to its present premises on the outskirts of Blessington town.

Eugene continued to be actively involved in the business until his death in 2008.

Ned Doyle, father to international show jumpers Edward and Jack, was also a founding member of the popular Blessington Horse Show.

The Doyle family ran Maynooth Mart before its closure in 2002 after 40 years in business, but thankfully Blessington Mart survived the recession. It is now owned and operated by Myles' brother John who also runs the property auctioneering business, JP & M Doyle, with offices in Blessington and Dublin.

While Maynooth closing was a sad day for the family, John says it was simply a sign of the times. Since then, there have been many other mart closures.

"Naturally it's not the same as it was during the 1970s when marts were booming, nor will it be again," he said.

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"Thankfully business in Blessington is good at the moment but the age profile is worrying as there are so few young farmers taking over the business from their parents. There is very little money in farming and they don't want to work for half-wages.

"In my opinion, the rural end of society is being left behind."

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