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Roof collapse at Teagasc Farm

Teagasc's Grange Research Farm bore the brunt of the cold snap with damaged buildings, frozen and burst pipes and staff unable to get to work.

A roof on a shed used for feeding trials collapsed after the first big snowfalls in December. Fortunately, no animals, staff or machinery were in the shed at the time, according to the centre's administrative officer, Anne Dowling.

"It was one of the oldest sheds, so it was pretty small with an asbestos-type roof," she said. "It was a fairly insignificant event."

The biggest problems for staff at the research farm was getting water to stock, with some pipes reportedly frozen for up to three weeks. Older pipes are believed to have been damaged during the coldest period on record in Ireland.

Staff also experienced problems getting to the centre due to the treacherous road conditions. However, the farm lost no animals due to the cold snap.

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