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Sunday 25 March 2018

Robust muck spreaders with a hi-tech dimension

The new range of Perard dung spreaders are high spec machines with some impressive extras

The new Perard Optium CE 150 L dung spreader is capable of handling 10 to 12 tonnes of farmyard manure per load.
The new Perard Optium CE 150 L dung spreader is capable of handling 10 to 12 tonnes of farmyard manure per load.
The Schaffer pivot steer loader comes with a hydrostatic transmission
David Murray, John Kinahan and Paul O'Connor from TFM
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

I travelled to Clonmel last week for a demo and test drive of a couple of new machines being introduced to the market by local dealers, Templetuohy Farm Machinery. My main focus was a trial run of the new Perard dung spreader range, of which TFM have become sole importers and distributors in Ireland since June this year.

Perard was founded in France in 1988, and the company manufactures and supplies a broad range of premium agricultural equipment.

It was good timing to see the machine in action, because as most readers will know the ban on dung spreading is set to kick in November 1.

In addition to the Perard dung spreader range, TFM are now also now marketing the French firm's chaser bins. A couple of these bins have already been sold in the area and they are used for the likes of carting grain, seed and fertiliser. Initial reports appear to be positive.

"There are 12 models in the dung spreader range, starting with the CE 90 K (nine cubic metre) right up to their flagship model the CL 300 SL (30 cubic metre with three axles). With that array of sizes we are confident there will be a model to suit all customer needs. These are very robust and capable machines," explained John Kinahan, sales specialist with TFM Clonmel.

During my visit to Clonmel on a bright autumn evening, the spreader I used for the demonstration was a Perard Optium CE 150 L. This is a 15 cubic metre capacity machine and it comes with quite a high specification. The key features include double vertical hardox rotors, an on board weighing system and automatic variable rate spreading that can be controlled from a monitor in cab.

Variable rate spreading - which is proven to save money by applying fertiliser only where it is needed - is achieved by automatic control of the rear door position and floor speed depending on the spreader's ground speed

A sensor on the wheel of the spreader picks up the forward speed and guides the rear door and floor speeds accordingly.

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The on board weighing system, which tells you how much you have in each load, also helps to keep track of how many tonnes you have spread per field or for each customer. This would be a very handy feature for contractors looking to keep tabs on their work and calculate bills after a job is finished.

Another practical feature is the reversible floor which can be activated if a blockage occurs.

The model I demonstrated was quite a stout machine capable of taking around 10 to 12 tonnes of farmyard manure at a time.

It is shod on a standard tyre size of 650/75/32 which based on my experience in the field seemed to be providing ample flotation to avoid ground damage despite the machine's fully laden weight of 15 tonnes.

For those looking at different size requirements, there are 11 other models in the range starting with the CE 90 K (9 cubic metre) and going right up to the flagship model, the CL 300 SL (30 cubic metre) three axle machine.

When it came to loading time back in the yard I took the opportunity to demo another machine being imported by TFM, the Schaffer 9660T pivot steer loader.

The Schaffer factory is in Germany and it is a family owned company founded in 1956. The firm specialises in pivot steer loaders and are the number one seller of this type of loader in Germany.

The company makes a vast range of models, from small machines capable of fitting through a domestic door, right up to big horsepower machines used by silage and grain contractors.

According to John Kinahan, TFM have had the Schaffer agency for a number of years now and have units sold in all of their depots throughout the country. "These machines are working in varied environments ranging from loading grain, meal, bulk fertiliser in co-ops and moving material in waste recycling plants. Our number one seller in the range is the 9630T. This has a 125hp Deutz engine and a lift capacity of 4,200kg."

The loader I used for filling the spreader during the demo was a slightly bigger model, the 9660T.

Loader controls

This would be more of a contractor's machine in comparison to the 9630T. It is powered by a very gutsy Deutz 157hp engine and has an operating weight of 11,000kg.

It didn't take very long to get used to this machine because all loader controls are packed into the joystick on the driver's right.

Lift capacity comes in at 5000kg meaning that, for quite a tidy loader in the yard it certainly packs a punch when you are under pressure loading a few different machines. Hydraulic flow rate is 140lpm and at full stretch the maximum lift height of 5.9 metres should be enough for most situations.

The Schaffer pivot steer loader comes with a hydrostatic transmission and all directional changes are housed on the joystick to the driver's right.

While it is extremely handy to have all of the loader and directional controls housed on one right-hand terminal, it did take some getting used to because the natural inclination is to reach for the stalk at the left of the steering wheel when you want to change direction.

The view was impressive and it was easy to load the Perard. As the sun set, the last machines I got the lowdown on from the TFM crew was the Perard harvest range of chaser bins.

These can be used by contractors during harvest time for hauling grain from combine to truck or trailer, and have an ultra-fast unloading rate. During crop sowing they are used for loading seed or fertiliser into sowing equipment.

Material flow can be controlled to avoid overfilling and spilling of valuable seed or fertiliser.

Unique to Perard chaser bins is the ability to unload material with the unloading chute in any position, from fully out to fully retracted.

"This is a very handy feature if unloading in a confined space or loading a seed drill close to the ground. TFM already have chaser bins sold in the Clonmel area and these worked extremely well during the 2015 harvest," explained Mr Kinahan.

"They are mostly being used for loading seed and fertiliser onto sowing equipment. It is TFM's intention to supply the Perard range countrywide.

"We have been to the factory and developed a good relationship with their sales, service and parts departments, each of which have English speaking staff members.

"As with all products sold by TFM, our Perard customers can expect a fast and efficient back up service."

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