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Wednesday 21 February 2018


With the trailer loaded, the four cylinder, four-valves-per-cylinder Perkins common-rail engine is a gutsy performer. It has a rated power of 105hp, a maximum power of 112hp and, with power-boost in third and fourth gear (and PTO), this rises to 125hp.

The transmission is nice to use on the road. If you run out of powershifts on a good climb, pressing the button on the T-gearstick or the clutch pedal and notch back the F/R lever or T-gearstick drops it down a range. Whether going up or down a range, it is all performed quickly without momentum loss. The tractor's computer will not just change up or down sequentially to the closest gear in the next range, so make an effort to select an appropriate powershift gear in the desired range.

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