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Monday 18 December 2017

Rise in breeding stock interest to boost Cheviot trade

Increased interest in breeding stock is expected to reflect favourably on the ram trade at the 68th Annual Show and Sale of Wicklow Cheviot rams next week.

The sale is on Saturday, October 2, at Blessington mart.

"The brightest part of the sheep trade in Wicklow this year was the sale of breeding stock -- ewes and ewe lambs," said Peter McGrath of the Wicklow Cheviot Society.

"The top hogget ewes made up to and over €200 per head and the top ewe lambs up to €160 per head."

"A significant number of people who had got out of sheep or who normally did not keep sheep were buying 30 ewes. This would seem to be good sense. 30 ewes will be easily carried over the winter, that number will be fairly easily managed at lambing time and the sale of lambs will bring in a bit of money during the summer." he added.

"Due to a scarcity, the prices for fat lambs held up reasonably well and there was plenty of interest in store lambs for further feeding. It is hoped that with the increased interest in breeding stock, this will reflect favourably on the trade for rams at the October sale."

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