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Friday 18 January 2019

Renault moves into the 200hp tractor market

By PAT O'TOOLE TWO new ranges of tractors have been launched by Renault Agriculture on the British and Irish markets. At a press meeting...

TWO new ranges of tractors have been launched by Renault Agriculture on the British and Irish markets.

At a press meeting in Shuttleworth College, Bedfordshire, England last week, Bruno Morange, chief executive of the company, said the Atles brought Renault into the 200hp plus market for the first time.

``This power sector represents 2.3pc of the market in Europe,'' he said, ``and is projected to reach 5pc by the end of decade.''

The Atles range features three models: the 915 (190hp), the 925 (217hp) and the 935 (240hp). All are driven by KHD Deutz turbo-intercooled engines. The intercooler provides cooled oxygen-rich air which maximises combustion. Renault claim this is both efficient and ecological. Fuel injection is highly pressurised.

They feature the new and PROACTIV independent front axle suspension. Designed in conjunction with Carrara, it features double wishbone linkage, two single acting hydraulic cylinders and a position sensor on each axle.

The system in automatic mode works in the middle of its range of movement and has 45mm of scope in either direction.

The advantage of independent suspension can be best appreciated when test driving over rough terrain, as I had the opportunity to do. It certainly is very impressive.

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In combination with the RZ Hydrostable full-cab suspension system, which is standard on the Atles, these features provide a complete suspension system for the tractor, reducing wear, giving greater performance and operator comfort.

The lift capacity of the Atles ranges from 10.2t to 12t. They feature Donaldson self-cleaning air filters giving longer service intervals. Fuel tanks range from 325L to 400L, giving enough capacity for a full day's work.

The transmission system is powered by a Funk AG250 unit. It features the powershift 18/8 gearbox with a creeper range as an option. The powershift is controlled by a single tri-function lever, for gear-selection, engine revs and headland manoeuvring. The revershift control is under the steering wheel giving fingertip control; there are three positions, forward/neutral/reverse. Forward/reverse change is clutchless and can be made on the move.

I felt the double clutch pack gave a very smooth transition regardless of slope or engine revs. The foot pedal need only be used for creeper operations.