Regular maintenance crucial to toppers working properly

Of course, as with any machine, the advantages mentioned here are only attainable with a clean cut.

You want the topper knives to cut the grass, not tear it.

This will give a faster and stronger regrowth.

The following are some key points to remember for getting your topper serviced and ready for action this spring:

• A cutter bar oil bed on a disc topper will take around two litres of 80/90 oil. This should be changed every season;

• Check the skids underneath the cutter bar. The fastest way to damage your knives is to continue cutting with skids broken or missing;

• Replace damaged knives immediately;

• Check the cutter bar drums for loose bearings. If badly worn, these bearings can drop down into the cutter bar gearbox and do untold damage to the gear teeth. Heavy vibration is a tell-tale sign of a worn bearing.

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