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Reasonable week for all bar heifers

Word from some of the marts is that 2012 cattle are scarce and 2011 stock are proving difficult to get into decent money. Apart from the heifers and the heavy weanling heifers, the cattle trade at the marts had a reasonably good week. Steers were generally up by 5-15c/kg.

The plainer types tended to be improved by 5-11c/kg to €1.40-1.70/kg. Heavy steers moved at €1.95-2.35/kg. The 400-600kg types were making from €1.90-2.50/kg, while the lighter lots made from €2.00-2.60/kg. Heifers under 500kg generally sold for €2.05-2.50/kg, with the heavier heifers making from €2.00-2.35/kg.

Weanling bulls had a solid week, with the heavier lots up by 5-18c/kg at a range of €2.10-2.70/kg. Bulls under 300kg made from €2.20-2.90/kg. Lesser quality lots sold for €1.60-1.90/kg. Weanling heifers up to 300kg were selling for €2.45-3.00/kg.

Lots weighing from 300-400kg were up by 6-14c/kg at €2.40-2.90/kg, while heavy types suffered a big hit of between 25-35c/kg and sold from €2.10-2.55/kg. Plain heifers made from €1.80-2.10/kg. The majority of sucklers and young dairy cows were selling from €1,000-1,500. Friesian bull calves were making from €50-150, with stronger lots selling up to and over €200.

The trade was a bit sharper for the 800hd on offer at Kilkenny Mart. Heavy steers sold from €2.10-2.35/kg or €600-800 with the weight. Steers between 500-600kg made from €1.80-2.40/kg or €400-780 over. Lighter lots were making from €1.60-2.70/kg.

The trade was weaker at Dowra Mart last week, with only the better quality heifers and heifer weanlings holding their own. A few top quality Charolais and Limousin bull weanlings also sold well. A very large gap is starting to appear between the price of good quality cattle and plainer types.

They had 410 cattle and 400 weanlings last Saturday. Heifer weanlings under 300kg made from €1.80-2.80/kg with fancy lots making from €2.80-3.46/kg.

A small selection of quality lots made from €2.70-3.15/kg. Heavier types over 550kg sold for €2.00-2.50/kg. Weanling bulls under 300kg were selling for €1.90-3.00/kg.


Carnew had a large entry of 800 cattle and 150 calves and reported very good trade, with quality store cattle up by €20/hd. Beef and forward store bullocks were selling for €550-850 with the weight.

Weanling bulls moved at €450-750 with their weight. Fleshy type heifers made from €480-820 over. Stores sold for €280-750 over. Cull cows ranged from €150-650 with their weight.

Friesian bull suck calves fetched €45-155. Continental bulls made from €210-440 while the heifer calves hit €180-460.

Bullocks were improved at Balla Mart. Lighter plainer types were making around €400-600 with their weight or €1.62-2.85/kg. Light heifers under 400kg were in good demand and making €1.55-3.03/kg. Heavier heifers made from €1.60-2.91/kg. A two-year-old Simmental cross-bred heifer on the verge of her first calf topped the sucklers at €1,600.

There were more than 250 weanlings on offer. Light bulls under 350kg made from €400-705 with their weight or €1.80-3.05/kg. Heifers under 350kg were selling from €1.70-3.13/kg or €400-575 with the €/kg. Heavier heifers made from €300-675 with the weight or €1.63-2.14/kg.

Apart from the small light Friesian bull calves, demand was good for the rest of 500 calves at Enniscorthy Mart. Those light Friesians fetched between €60-80/hd, while stronger friesians made from €100-250. Coloured bull calves sold for €300-500, with the heifers moving at €220-400.

Store heifers were the best sellers in Ballymote and made from €300-700 with the weight.

Over in Maam Cross, the bullocks sold for €1.95-2.65/kg.

At Mayo/Sligo Mart, the nice continental steers between 400-600kg were making from €2.00-2.77/kg. Weanling bulls weighing from 300-400kg sold from €2.50-2.86/kg. Continental heifer weanlings made up to €2.93/kg with a classy Belgian Blue cross weighing 390kg selling for €1,040, or a tops of €3.30/kg.

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