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Quotes from the ASA conference

"Sometimes you need a trauma to refocus our minds to what we are good at."

Irish Farm Minister Simon Coveney in reference to the fact that more than 50pc of indigenous Irish companies are in the food sector and that there is now a collective recognition of the importance of the agri-food sector.

"US farmers have just pocketed record incomes, the highest in real terms since the 1970s. This is triggering dramatic increases in land prices. The US has also recorded record food exports and the boom is set to continue. US subsidised ethanol production is already up to the ceiling of its incorporation into US fuel supply."

Joseph Glauber, chief economist at the US Department of Agriculture.

"We have seen the end of abundance in agri commodities. The future will see more food manufacturers and retailers moving to secure their supplies from growers cutting out middle men. This will lead to bursts of scarcity in agri commodities, which will trigger ever higher price volatility."

Cyrille Filot, Rabobank, the world's biggest lender to agriculture.

"Our graduate recruitment programme was never stronger. We have ongoing opportunities for graduates, especially in Africa and South America. We find that Irish graduates travel well and we like what they bring to the table."

Stan McCarthy, CEO Kerry Foods.

Indo Farming