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Saturday 25 November 2017

Quicke thinking refines Q-series

Bruce Lett

Swedish manufacturer Quicke recently updated its Q-Series of tractor front-end loaders with some relatively minor upgrades to specifications and numbering. The most significant difference is the introduction of the firm's LCS control options.

According to Irish importer Farmhand, lift capacity for all models is 70-100kg more.

"For example, the Q46 will lift 1,630kg to full lift height, while the Q45 which it replaces could lift 1,550kg," says Farmhand MD John Scrivener.

All the new loaders' implement working angles have also been improved by a couple of degrees.

"For example, the Q46 dump angle goes from 59 to 60 degrees, while the crowd is a respectable 43 degrees at ground level," Mr Scrivener adds.

Mr Scrivener also says that the new LCS loader controls are unique to Quicke with the advantage of more precision and more feel when using the loaders.

There are three LCS options, ErgoDrive, ElectroDrive Pro LCS and EasyDrive LCS. The first is the standard joystick type arrangement, while the latter two use thumb-operated electric joysticks to operate the loader.

"The ElectroDrive Pro LCS is the most elaborate of the thumb-joysticks with display and functions like tortoise mode and shake function," Mr Scrivener says.

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The EasyDrive LCS is a slightly lower-spec version of the ElectroDrive and Mr Scrivener maintains that this will be the more popular option.

The price of the new Q46, suitable for tractors up to 110hp, equipped with the standard fitting kit, is listing at €9,690 + VAT.

Bruce Lett

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