Quick guide to most common tree species

William Merivale

With some farmers about to plant their lands for the first time, it is opportune to take a look at some of the principal species grown in our forests.

Following on from my recent article about species diversity, the tables below are designed as a quick ready-reference guide to the most common broadleaves and conifers.

While there are as many more on the Forest Service list of species accepted for grant aid, I have concentrated on the most likely seven to be planted.

Readers will note that I have included ash, even though it has been removed from the list due to the outbreak of ash dieback disease. I chose to do so because it remains an important species having been so widely planted during the last 20 years or so, and we can continue to hope for its recovery. For further information reference should be made to the Forestry Schemes Manual, available on the Forest Service website.

William Merivale is national secretary of PEFC Ireland and a forestry consultant based in Cork. Email william@cjandco.net

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