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Monday 20 November 2017

Quality weanling bulls shift for up to €3/kg with good mix of active traders

Joe Healy

Agents, exporters and farmers all in the market

Farmers planning to sell cattle next Tuesday should check whether or not the local mart will be open as some marts may close for the IFA Day of Action.

Trade across the board was strong over the past week with agents, farmers and exporters very active at ringside. Good quality weanling bulls sold for €2.50-3/kg.

Plainer lots sold for €2-€2.45/kg and heifer weanlings made €2-2.50/kg.

Heavy bullocks sold for €2-2.50/kg in the main. Stores ranged from €2-3/kg, depending on quality. Some plainer stores sold for €1.50-1.95/kg.

Keen farmer interest at Ennis Mart resulted in perhaps the best weanling trade of the season so far. Continental types of 300-350kg sold for €2.50-3/kg.

Heavier lots made €2.20-2.50/kg. Good heifer weanlings sold for €2.25-2.45/kg. R and O grades sold for €2-2.20/kg. Quality at the regular cattle sale was a bit mixed.

Stores weighing around 500kg made €2.20-2.40/kg and plainer lots moved at €2-2.10/kg. Good heavy steers sold for €2-2.15/kg while lesser types made €1.95-2.05/kg. Friesian stores sold for €1.45-1.65/kg.

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Balla Mart had its biggest sale of the year on Saturday, with 1,200 cattle on offer. Prices for forward store steers were up by €20-40/hd. Heavy bullocks sold for €1.62-2.68/kg while lighter types made €1.70-3.70/kg. Some heavy heifers on offer made €1.62-2.68/kg.


Forward store heifers sold for €1.51-2.77 /kg. The top cow price was €1,670, paid for a 715kg Limousin cull cow, while a Limousin heifer due to calve in mid-March sold for €1,800.

The weanling sale had more than 450 bulls and 320 heifer weanlings. The majority of light bulls sold for €2.11-3.67/kg, while heavier bulls made from €1.90-3.26/kg.

Stock suitable for export made, on average, €587 with the weight.

There were more than 500 cattle on offer at Ballinakill Mart, where heavy bullocks sold for €2.15-2.50/kg.

Forward stores made €2-2.65/kg while light stores traded at €1.80-2.70/kg. Beef heifers sold for €2-2.30 with stores making from €1.70-2.05/kg.

Weanling bulls made €1.90-2.40/kg and heifers made €1.65-2.10/kg. Suckler cows made €1,170-1,630. Cull cows moved at €1-1.75/kg.

Bullocks under 400kg sold for €350-535 over their weight at Ballymote Mart.

Lots between 400-500kg made €400-700 over or up to €2.56/kg. The 500-600kg types sold for €450-740 over the €/kg.

Heavier lots made up to €850 over. Heifers under 400kg made €300-570 over the weight. The tops sold for up to €2.44/kg. Lots from 400-500kg traded for €400-680 over.

Heavier lots made up to €700 over. Cull cows for feeding were moving at €100-150 with their weight, while the fleshier types made up to €500 over the weight.


At the weanling sale, bulls under 300kg sold for €300-600 over the weight and those of 300-400kg sold for €350-855 over. Lots for export made up to €3.44/kg.

Light heifers sold for €250-610 over the weight and lots of 300-400kg made €300-795 over the €/kg or up to €3.21/kg. Heavier lots made up to €850 over or €3/kg.

At Dowra Mart, bullocks over 600kg made €2-2.40/kg, with a few very fancy lots making up to €2.55/kg. Lighter steers sold for €1.80-2.60/kg.

Bull weanlings sold for €2-2.60/kg. Some of the lighter fancy calves hit €3/kg. Heifers over 500kg sold for €1.80-2.35/kg and lighter stores sold from €1.80-2.50/kg.

Weanling heifers varied in price from €2/kg for the plainer lots up to €3.20/kg for a few fancy lots. Cull cows were back in price to €1.70-1.95/kg for the best cows.

Good heavy bulls over 600kg sold for €400-1,135 with their weight at Raphoe Mart. Store bullocks made €345-860 over. Beef heifers sold for €430-950 with the weight, while stores made €300-700 over the €/kg. Prices for cull cows were €700-1,820/hd.

Mayo Sligo Mart had a good attendance of buyers from Northern Ireland, the midlands and local feeders.

Quality continental store bullocks of 470-580kg made €1,100-1,370/hd, while heifers of 380-425kg sold for €950-1,020.

Heavier lots made up to €786 over the weight. Good cull cows made €1.60-2.04/kg.

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