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Quality not quantity, but prices hold at small sales

Small sales seem to be the norm around the country but prices are holding well especially for quality forward stores and all beef animals. Well fleshed continentals are generally making over €2-2.20/kg. Stores are in the main selling for 20-30c/kg either side of the €2/kg depending on breed and quality. Suckler cows are making €1,000-1,400/unit while dairy cows are selling up to €1,000 with calved dairy heifers making from €1,000 upwards.

There was a small but very good sale at Kilkenny mart. The best of the trade was for forward store bullocks and all beef animals. Heavy continental steers sold for €1.85-2.01/kg with Hereford types selling for up to €1.74/kg. Forward stores made €1.85-2.02/kg. Lighter continental stores made €1.90-2.41/kg. Friesian stores were making €1.50-1.76/kg.

In the heifer section, the beef lots were selling for €2.00-2.21/kg while butcher heifers made €1.70-2.05/kg. Prices for the stores ranged from €1.90-2.32/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot sold for €1,050-1,300/unit while in-calf cows made €950-1,150 each.

Ballinakill had their smallest sale of the year to date and reported a full clearance as well as an improvement to prices especially for the nicer quality, lighter type bullock. The cull cow trade was slightly more sluggish than in recent weeks.

Heavy bullocks sold from €1.85-2.15/kg. The forward stores were making €1.77-2.27/kg while light stores made from €1.60-2.35/kg. Beef heifers ranged from €1.85-2.25/kg. Stores sold for €1.60-2.00/kg. Weanling heifers were selling for a range of 5c/kg less with the bulls making €1.75-2.10/kg. Suckler cows with a calf at foot were changing hands for €850-1,270 per unit. Cull cows sold from €50-375 over the weight.


Cattle numbers were down and quality back at Dowra Mart on Saturday but trade was still very strong for all types on offer. Cull cows continue to be much in demand and they made from €50-550 over for the best of the young cows on offer. Store and weanling heifers made from €200-500 over the €/kg with one or two fancy lots for breeding making up to €700 over. Bullocks and bull weanlings sold from €300-600 over for the better quality lots. A good entry of cows with calves at foot made from €850 for the older cows up to €1,450 for the younger outfits.

There was very good demand for both beef and store animals at Enniscorthy mart with store heifers up by €20-50/hd. Heavy bullocks fit for slaughter sold from €1,060-1,400 or for €380-750 over their weight. Stores made €250-680 over selling for €650-1,050 each.

In the heifer ring the beef and butcher types were making €350-630 over the €/kg in a price range of €860-1,330. Store heifers made €250-600 over and sold in the €500-980 bracket. Cull cow prices went from €150-410 over the weight. Suckler cows with a calf at foot were selling for €970-1,500/unit, while in-calf cows sold for €700-1,000 each. Calved dairy cows made €700-1,000, with calved heifers making €900-1,300 each. Maiden dairy heifers were selling for €550-700.

At their calf sale, they had 100 on offer. Continental bull calves made €250-375 while the heifers sold for €230-320. The shippers were willing to pay €120-170 for suitable Friesian bulls. Stronger Friesian male calves were making up to €250 each. Hereford and Angus heifers were selling for €140-227. The bull calves from those breeds were making €165-285 each.

A top price of €1,400 was paid for a heavy cull cow at Maam Cross. The rest averaged out at €940 each. The sucklers averaged €1,120 with a top price of €1,400. Prices of €2.05-2.38/kg were paid for heifers, with the bullocks selling for €2.10-2.70/kg. Weanling bulls sold for €2.26-2.65/kg.

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