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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Quality ewe lambs fit for ram set standard with up to ¤135/hd paid

Sheep marts

Joe Healy

The mart trade for sheep remained firm in most places over the past week, although there were improvements at some marts. Good demand for quality ewe lambs fit for the ram saw prices of up to €135/hd paid.

Fleshed lambs made up to €63 over the weight, with a general run of €48-57 over being the norm. Prices for stores ranged from €65-90 each. The top prices for ewe hoggets reached €185/hd, with the number of breeding ewes for sale tailing off. Heavy culls made over €100/hd.

Early indications from a small sale in Fermoy yesterday were that good well-fleshed lambs of 50kg or more were in demand. A top early price of €117/hd was paid for a pen of lambs weighing 54kg, equating to €63 over the €/kg. A number of other heavy lots sold for €58-63 over.

While probably not as good, trade at Athenry Mart was very steady, with most of the nice quality lambs selling at €46-54 over their weight. Store lambs made €40-50 over.

Store lambs rose by €2/hd at Enniscorthy Mart, selling for €75-90 or €44-52 over the €/kg. Trade for the rest of the 2,600 on offer was reported as steady. Factory lambs made €43-50 over their weight, while butcher types made €46-55 over. Fat cull ewes made €92-108/hd, while feeders sold for €45-87.

Tullow Mart had 2,080 sheep on offer. Fat lambs sold for €48-59 over or €93-107/hd. Store lambs were up €2/hd at €34-52 over the weight or €65-92/hd. Ewe lambs ranged from €96-116/hd. Cull ewes sold for €42-94 each. Prices for rams ran at €150-520/hd. Hogget ewes made €150-186 each, while aged ewes made €100-140.

Prices were slightly easier at Maam Cross. Blackface ewes made €52-92. Ewe hoggets sold for €127-148/hd. Cull prices ranged from €36-75/hd. Crossbred lambs made €1.90-2.15/kg. Mountain lambs sold for €35-52 each.

The second Maam Cross breeding ewe sale takes place next Saturday.

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Carnew Mart had 4,200 sheep on offer, with trade similar to the last number of weeks and a strong demand for ewe lambs. Breeding ewes sold for €100-145 and ewe hoggets made €135-185. Breeding rams ranged from €500-150/hd. Prices for cull ewes varied from €65-117. Ewe lambs made up to €132/hd. Factory and butcher types sold for €45-52 over the weight in a price range of €93-105/hd, while stores moved at €38-50 over.

Dowra Mart had a smaller sheep sale on Friday last, with 1,600 sheep on offer. Trade improved on the previous week for all classes.

Forward store lambs made from €75-92 each, while the best of the ewe lambs for breeding sold for €100-135. Mountain stores ranged from €50-75. Cull ewes for feeding made from €45-70, with a few pens of heavy ewes making €75-110/hd. Quality ewe hoggets sold for €150-185, while plainer lots made €120-140 each.

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