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Quad-X aerators will cut through compacted soil

New from Northern Ireland firm Quad-X is a range of aerators, which the firm says are designed to cut through the compaction commonly caused by livestock and heavy machinery.

According to Quad-X, the new range cuts through soil and allows soluble nitrates such as iron to move freely and not build up within compacted layers of soil.

With models ranging in width from 2m to 6m, the Ulster firm is offering several aerators which can be built to customer specification.

Blades are bolted onto discs, which are welded onto the aerator shaft. This allows Quad-X to offer three-, four- or five-blade arrangements on each disk. The manufacturers also claim that this arrangement allows staggered peaks or more continuous peaks, reducing troughs which will hold water.

Working depths of up to 250mm are usual and adjustable rotor angle variations allow the creation of fissures to suit the conditions of the field.

Quad-X maintains that a heavy duty rotor allows the aerator to be used in stony ground.

There is also the option of specifying one single fixed or two independent rotors on the machine.

Up to 750kg additional weight can be carried to force the blades into more compacted ground.

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