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Monday 23 April 2018

Quad bike attachment speeds up the boring task of fencing

Aiden Connell with his fencing invention
Aiden Connell with his fencing invention
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

One of the entries in the labour saving devices section from Tullamore is sure to speed up the work of dairy farmers around the country. Aiden Connell (pictured) told me how his ATV attachment is designed to allow a farmer put up a fence as he or she drives across the paddock or field. The tidy unit is fitted onto the front end of the ATV and can hold enough posts and fencing reel to allow up to 200 yards of a fence to be erected in a matter of seconds.

As demonstrated by Mr Connell in the picture, the ATV operator simply stops the ATV where the post is to be placed and plants it by foot. This can be done without dismounting from the ATV.

The wire reel then automatically unrolls as the quad bike moves off again, and the driver can then reach for the next post to be placed. Mr Connell, who is himself a drystock farmer from Tullamore, said he got the idea from his own farm.

"I just thought that for such a common and mundane job there must be a faster way of doing things, so I went back to the drawing board. Most farmers have an ATV at this stage so I intentionally designed it to be used that way. I've had very good feedback so far, especially from older farmers who are not able to walk huge distances every day. I think the timing is right for the product as well with so much dairy expansion going on. Fields and paddocks are getting bigger in line with growing herd numbers and farmers don't want to spend hours moving fences each day."

Mr Connell has built the unit with an open mind so that further accessories can be added onto the front housing as he invents them. Apart from farming, he has his own company called Steel Creations based in Coolygagen in Tullamore, and it is a firm that does exactly what it says on the tin. Mr Connell plans to sell the ATV fencing unit for €400 plus VAT, and interested farmers can contact him on 086 329 0199.

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