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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Pöttinger shakes up tedder line Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Pöttinger has applied its latest tedder family designs to its smaller eight-rotor models, with working widths of 7.70m to 8.60m.

The headstock has been completely redesigned for the HT 8.81 and 8.91. A sturdy three-point pivoting headstock with absorber struts as standard and better tracking performance that prevents the tedder from jolting during operation.

The Austrian firm claims the new tedders are better for working on slopes. The horizontal headstock guidance provides high clearance at headland turns and prevents under-running on hilly ground.

The centring system has also been optimised. A heart-shaped pivot pin mounted on bushes and angled slightly forwards minimises the lateral forces to ensure smooth central alignment of the tedder.

Meanwhile, the new design of the rotor unit and tine arm already implemented on the large trailed tedders has now also been introduced to the new HIT machines.

Clean forage, better spreading quality and a clean machine are the key advantages of the DynaTech rotor units. The rotor units are flanged to the adjacent segment with six bolts. The rotor diameter of 1.30m on the HIT 8.81 and 1.42m on the HIT 8.91 and the five/six curved tine arms with the new tines ensure optimum tedding quality.

Pöttinger says the new rotor geometry offers a range of advantages, chiefly that forage cannot snag or wrap around the tine arms, and that it is picked up more easily and is subjected to less of a beating between the tine arms, meaning lower losses. An additional positive effect is that the tines are well protected, increasing durability.

The spreading angle can be adjusted on each rotor in three steps without extra tools. All rotors are equipped with 16 x 6.5-8 tyres, which are protected from contamination thanks to a new design of the wheel yoke.

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Sealed, lubricated single and double universal joints transfer power positively and without play for smooth running of the rotor transmissions. A power clutch enables the outer rotors to pivot by 10 degrees.

The Pöttinger jockey wheel system ensures good ground tracking for protection of the sward. This wheel can be shifted independently forward or further back and can be mounted on the left or right. A transport interlock flap ensures the unit can be driven safely on the road.

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