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Prices up €20 to €30/hd as warm weather brings out cattle buyers

Almost without fail, every cattle mart reported increases of €20-30/hd throughout the past week and, when compared to the same week last year, the average price paid showed an increase of €300-390, with the higher figure occurring at Ennis Mart.

Mild weather conditions and plenty of grass resulted in a big increase in the numbers of farmers out buying. Nice quality bullocks and heifers have, on average, moved closer to €3/kg than €2/kg at this stage. Cull continental cows are more often making over €2/kg than under it if well fleshed, while finished Friesian culls are commonly making up to €2/kg. Young dairy cows sold for €1,300-2,000. Older milkers moved at €1,000-1,400 in the main. In an improved calf trade, the Friesian bulls are generally making €160-240. Stronger types made up to €300 while lighter plain lots sold for €100 upwards. Continental calves ran at €300-600.

There were more than 978 cattle on offer at Balla. Prices remained solid with some excellent prices paid in particular for store bullocks, which were up €20/hd on the previous week. Cattle were up an average of €300/hd on this time last year. Heavy bullocks averaged €2.31-2.79/kg, while lighter types made €2.83-3.58/kg.

Their special bank holiday sale takes place next Monday.

Carnew had a big sale with 850 cattle and 150 calves on offer. All cattle were up by €20-30/hd. Beef steers traded at €750-1,080 over their weight. Stores sold for €450-1,070 over. Weanlings moved at €510-950 with the €/kg. Fleshy heifers sold for €650-1,040 with the weight. Stores sold for €460-1,050 over.

Dairy cows ran at €1,250-1,800. In the calf ring, Friesian bulls sold for €120-315. Continental bulls made €350-600, with heifers at €270-460.

Bigger numbers and a very strong trade was reported from Ballinakill Mart, aided by the fact that there will be no sale on St Patrick's Day.

Heavy bullocks sold for €2.20-2.65/kg. Forward stores made €2.25-2.85/kg, with lighter lots at €2.20-3.10/kg. Weanling bulls sold for €2.30-3.15/kg.

Top bulls over 600kg sold for €535-1,050 over the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks moved at €640-760 over. Stores sold for €595-1,125 over the weight.

Trade continued on an upward spiral at Ballymote Mart with prices up by €20-30/hd. Store bullocks up to 500kg made €500-925 over their weight. Heavier steers sold up to €1,090 over. Heifers sold for €400-705 over the €/kg. Weanling heifers made €400-600 with the weight, while heavier lots sold up to €785 over.

The 850hd at Kilkenny Mart met with an excellent trade. Heavy steers over 600kg made €2.05-2.70/kg. The coloured steers of 400-600kg made €2.30-3.10/kg, while lighter lots moved for €2.20-3.50/kg. Friesians made up to €2.30/kg. Butcher heifers up to 500kg moved at €1.50-2.43/kg, while heavy beef heifers sold for €1.98-2.52/kg.

Quality bull weanlings over 400kg at Mayo-Sligo Mart sold for €2,42-2.83/kg. Bulls of 200-400kg sold for €2.30-3.67/kg. Heifers generally sold for €2.30-2.80. Heavy steers sold for €1.97-2.69/kg. Lighter types made up to and beyond the €3/kg. Heifers sold for €2-3/kg, with some of the best lighter lots making up to €4/kg.

Dowra Mart had 640 cattle on offer last Saturday. A very strong trade saw bullocks over 600kg make €2-2.60/kg, while the lighter store types went at €2.20-2.90/kg. Heavy weanling bulls over 500kg sold for €2.20-3/kg, with the lighter lots selling for €2.50-3.50/kg. Heavy heifers over 600kg ran at €2.20-2.60/kg. Lighter stores made €2.40-3/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €2.50-3.50/kg. Top-quality lots went to €4.05/kg.

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