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Friday 23 February 2018

Prices surge ahead as factories fight to land stock fit for killing

Highs of €2.13/kg for culls says it all in buoyant trade

Joe Healy

IT WAS another week of improving prices for the cattle marts as factory agents pushed out the boundaries to secure stock fit for killing.

Cull cows making up to €2.13/kg says enough. Indeed, I have heard of €750/hd being paid for Friesian cows in need of further feeding out of the yard in north Munster.

Quality steers over 500kg were easily hitting the €2.50/kg mark. Lighter, well-made continentals were making as high as €2.80/kg. Heifers were similar to this, while good weanlings sold to €3/kg.

Balla Mart resumed last week with 503 cattle on offer. Prices were well up since the last sale before Christmas. Forward store bullocks averaged €1.81-2.42/kg, while lighter types made €2.32-2.75/kg. Trade for heifers was strong, with some good-quality heavy heifers making €2.22-2.59/kg. Forward stores sold for €2.30-2.95/kg. In-calf cows and cows with a calf at foot made €1,000-1,800.

There were 360 on offer at Ballinakill. All classes of cattle were improved by €20-30/hd, especially heavy bullocks with average prices at €900-1,000 over the weight at €1.90-2.50/kg. Forward stores moved for €1.80-2.80/kg. Light stores sold for €1.60-2.75/kg. Beef heifers made €2.10-2.40/kg. Stores sold for €1.75-2.30/kg.

Cull cows achieved €1.50-1.80/kg, with suckler cows making €920-1,240 each.

Carnew had 525 on offer. Prices continued strongly, with the beef and forward store bullocks selling for €580-920 over their weight. Store bullocks made €450-745 over the €1/kg. Well-fleshed heifers sold for €500-890 over. Stores made €380-720 with the weight. Continental cull cows hit a high of €900 over, with the rest selling from this back to €350 over the €1/kg.

Cull cows for feeding made €250-400 over the weight at Ballymote Mart. Heavier lots made up to €540 with the €1/kg. Suckler cows from third calvers upwards, and due to calve from early March, sold for €1,060-1,600. Weanling bulls up to 350kg made €450-500 over, with heavier lots making up to €600 over. Heifers sold for €400-665 over the weight.

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Heavy steers at Tullow Mart achieved €610-1,050 with the weight. Stores made €365-805 over. Beef heifers sold for €520-995 over the €1/kg. Store types traded for €345-568 with their weight. Cull cows fit for slaughter sold up to €820 with the weight.

In Raphoe, the heavy bulls over 600kg made €740-1,195 over the weight. Beef bullocks sold for €900-1,230 over. Stores made €300-840 over the €1/kg. Great demand saw beef heifers sell for €570-1,105 over, with the stores making €300-710 with the €1/kg. Tops for the cull cows was €1,805.

Numbers were up to 600 head of cattle at Kilkenny Mart. Top-quality steers freely made up to and over €2.40/kg, while the tops for heifers was €2.76/kg. The best of the weanlings made €3/kg.

Heavy continental steers sold for €2-2.31/kg. Forward stores moved at €2.10-2.44/kg. Friesian types sold to €2.06/kg. Bullocks less than 500kg were selling for €2.14-2.50/kg.

Beef heifers made €2.20-2.76/kg, with butcher types making €2-2.44/kg. Stores sold for €2.08-2.33/kg. Weanling bulls made €2.15-3/kg, with the heifers at €2.05-2.70/kg. Continental cull cows sold for €1.65-2.13/kg. Friesian culls made €1.35-1.75/kg.

Numbers were well up at Dowra Mart with 490 cattle on offer. Store bullocks over 550kg made €2-2.50/kg, while the lighter stores sold for €2-2.80/kg. Heavy weanling bulls over 450kg made €2.20-2.90/kg. The lighter bulls sold for €2.20-3.40/kg.

Forward store heifers made €2.20-2.70/kg, with a few lots for breeding making up to €3/kg. Weanling heifers sold for €2.20-3.20/kg. A few choice lots made up to €3.50/kg.

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