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Prices steady as stock on offer dwindles

The number of cattle at the marts around the country continued to tighten over the past week. Most sales yards are reporting extremely scarce supplies of finished stock. Prices generally have remained steady with nice stores making from €2/kg upwards. Suck calves remain very strong, especially the good continental bulls and heifers where prices are from €300 up. Friesian bull calves are generally selling for €100-200. Suckler cow prices are in the main running from €1,000-1,400.

Ballinakill Mart had 500 cattle for sale. Top quality steers and heifers made up to €700 over their weight. Heavy bullocks sold from €1.70-2.25/kg. Forward stores were selling for €1.82-2.35/kg with the lighter stores making €1.68-2.42/kg. In the heifer ring the well fleshed types were making €1.70-2.20/kg. The stores sold for €1.60-2.25/kg.

Trade was very firm at Ballymote Mart with plenty of customers. Light store bullocks were making from €250-525 over the weight. Lots over 400kg made from €300-545 over with the over 500kg steers making up to €675 over the €/kg. Light store heifers were selling for €250-500 over. Heavier lots from 400-500kg made €300-635 over the weight. Heifers over 500kg sold up to €600 over.

There was an excellent trade for all categories of stock at Kilkenny Mart with heavy fleshy cattle showing an improvement on prices of recent weeks.

Heavy continental steers made €180-2.21/kg or €420-850 over the weight. Cattle weighing 400-600kg sold for €350-630 over with the continentals selling from €2-2.48/kg, while plainer lots of Friesians and Angus bullocks made €1.90-1.98/kg. Lighter lots sold up to a high of €2.91/kg when the gavel fell at €931 for three Charollais steers weighing 320kg. Friesians sold to €1.97/kg.

Continental cull cows were making €1.40-1.90/kg. Dairy type culls sold for €1.15-1.75/kg.

Top-class bulls over 600kg made €485-840 over the weight up in Raphoe. Beef bullocks sold for €565-930 over. Store bullocks ranged from €420-655 over the €/kg. The beef heifers were selling for €370-730 over the weight, while the stores made €250-595 over. Dry cows prices ranged from €500-1430 each.

Prices for steers and heifers were similar to the previous week in Ennis mart with both making upwards of €2/kg for the quality lots. Numbers of stock were back a little, especially the heavy beef cattle. The weanlings were more or less selling for the same as the store cattle. Suckler cows were steady with a general price run of €1,100-1,350.

There were 400 cattle on offer at Dowra Mart last Saturday. Trade was very sharp with very strong prices for all classes of cattle. Dry cows made from €300-730 over for the good forward continental cows, while older cows made from €100-250 over. Store heifers made from €300-550 over the weight. A few choice lots for breeding made up to €800 over, while weanling heifers were making from €200-500 over. Heavy weanling sold from €300-650 over the €/kg. Lighter weanlings made €250-650 over.

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