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Wednesday 13 December 2017

Prices jump €20-50 across the key categories

Joe Healy

News from all the marts was extremely positive around the country over the past week as the continuing rising prices at the factories had a knock-on effect at ringside. Price rises of €20-50 were reported in many categories but particularly for quality prime steers under 500kg and for heifers over 500kg.

Most Continental-type finished cattle sold for €2.10-2.60/kg, with plainer types selling for €1.80-2.10.

Depending on the quality of animal, stores and weanlings made €1.70-3.00/kg.

The trade for dairy stock remains a little sluggish, with farmers reporting a slow trade in off-farm sales too. Prices of €1,000-1,300/hd are buying a lot of the cows and heifers in milk at the marts but very milky heifers are making up to €1,600/hd.

Suck calves improved slightly, with most of the Friesian bull calves making €75-150. Stronger types made up to and over €200.

Continental bull calves generally made €300-450/hd, with the heifers moving at €250-380/hd.

Sucklers cows with calves at foot sold for €1,100-1,500/unit.

Balla Mart had 1,147 lots on offer. Prices for bullocks were up by €20-30 due to the presence of midland buyers as the expectation is good for two-year-old cattle. Heavy bullocks sold for €1.72-2.90/kg while lighter types made €1.25-3.29/kg. Many lighter heifers under 350kg made over €3/kg. Some heavy heifers on offer sold for €1.93-2.98/kg.

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A three-year-old Limousin heifer due to calf to a purebred Limousin bull topped the sucklers at €1,600. The best cull cow, a five-year-old 745kg Limousin, made €1,650.

Lighter weanling bulls sold for €1.38-3.34/kg. Heavier bulls made €1.55-3.07/kg. Light heifer weanlings sold for €1.33-3.68/kg and heavy heifers made €2.10-2.54/kg.

Dowra Mart had 740 cattle on offer last Saturday, with a very strong trade for all classes and prices up compared to the previous week. Forward store heifers made €2.10-2.75/kg. Lighter stores and heavier weanlings made €2.00-3.00/kg, while the fancier lots made €3.00-3.40/kg. Weanling heifers under 400kg sold for €2.00-3.20/kg.

Forward store bullocks sold for €2.20-2.60/kg. Weanling bulls over 500kg made €2.20-2.70/kg and lighter bulls traded at €2.00-3.00/kg.

The best cull cows sold for €1.70-2.15/kg. Older thinner cows made €1.00-1.60/kg. In-calf heifers moved at prices of €1,300-1,800 for the better lots.

Kilkenny reported a bigger sale of 850 animals this week and an excellent trade for all types. Beef animals remain in short supply.

Heavy steers sold for €2.20-2.65 or €800-1,030 with their weight. Forward stores made €2.10-2.71/kg. Light stores sold for €1.80-3.39/kg. Beef heifers made €2.35-2.60/kg. Butcher types made €2.00-2.68/kg. Stores traded for €2.15-3.05/kg.

A special suckler sale recorded a top price of €2,900 for a cow with twin calves at foot born last autumn, while in-calf cows peaked at €1,580. Friesian cows made €1.35-1.80/kg, while sucklers with calves at foot sold for €1,380-2,650.

In Ballymote, Continental store heifers of 400-500kg for either feeding or breeding sold for €575-705 with their weight. Lighter lots made €500-675 over. Steers south of 500kg sold for €400-885 over the €/kg, while heavier types made up to €930 with their weight.

Suckler cows sold for €1,210-1,490/hd. Friesian store cull cows made around €100 with the weight, while Continental types made up to €425 over.

Weanling bulls under 300kg made €300-500 over the weight. Lots of 300-400kg sold for €350-760 over. Heavier lots made up to €700 over the weight, while weanling heifers under 300kg sold for €350-470 over their weight.

Carnew had 120 head of dairy stock on offer last week, where freshly calved heifers sold for €950-1,600/hd and maiden heifers sold for €650-1,050/hd. At the Saturday cattle sale, there was a very strong trade for all animals in the 750 cattle and 200 calves on offer.

Beef and forward store bullocks sold for €720-1,100 over the weight, while stores made €320-870 with the €/kg. Weanling bulls made €450-850 over. Heavy heifers sold for €650-980 with their weight, while stores sold for €350-770 over the €/kg. In the suck-calf section, Continental bulls sold for €250-525/hd and heifers made €180-505. Strong Friesian bull calves sold for €120-220/hd.

Ballinakill mart enjoyed a very good selling trade for quality cattle with some outstanding prices for heavy continental bullocks. Heavy bullocks sold for €2.00-2.55/kg, while forward stores made €2.20-2.60/kg and lighter stores made €1.80-2.95/kg. Weanling bulls sold for €2.10-2.60/kg while weanling heifers made €1.70-2.30/kg.

Enniscorthy had 400hd of cattle on offer and prices for quality stores rose by €50/hd. Beef steers sold for €750-1,060 with the weight and stores made €250-900 over the €/kg.

Finished heifers sold for €650-1,000 with their weight and stores moved at €350-700 over. Weanling heifers sold for €290-632 over the weight, while bulls sold for €600-850 over.

In the suck calf ring, Continental bull calves sold for €350-520 and heifers made €220-480/hd. However plain Friesian bulls proved a more difficult sell, at prices of €70-250/hd.

Top-class bulls over 600kg sold for €690-1,100 over the weight at Raphoe mart in the past week.

Stores made €500-840 over. Beef heifers sold for €785-985 with their weight, while store heifers made €300-930 over. Cull cow prices ran from €920-1,940/hd.

Meanwhile, Friesian bull calves at Mayo-Sligo mart sold for €60-182/hd and Continental bulls sold for €262-417. Continental heifers made €230-242. Angus bulls sold for €200-260/hd.

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