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Prices improve for well-fleshed lambs

The early part of last week saw no better than a steady trade for sheep but a tightening supply of lambs towards the end of the week saw prices improve, especially for the well-fleshed lamb.

This trend has continued into this week with some prices of over €70 with the weight being paid. Fat cull ewes are making as high as €120-130, while ewes with lambs at foot are making well in excess of €200 and in some cases up to €240.

Athenry reported a much livelier trade yesterday, with one man in particular getting the same price for lambs weighing 48kgs as he got for their comrades weighing 55kgs last week. The general run for the heavy lambs was €57-65 over the €1/kg. Light stores made €38-47 over. Aged ewes with twin lambs sold for €237. Another pen of ewes with 1.5 lambs each sold for €207, while third crop ewes in lamb and carrying doubles made €160. Culls sold to a top of €120.

Heavy lambs over 50 kgs were selling at €60-71 over the weight at Fermoy mart yesterday. Lambs 40-50 kgs generally made €50-55 over.

Best demand at Tullow Mart was for ewes with lambs at foot which resulted in prices of €130-224 being paid. Ewes in-lamb sold from €151-176. Cull ewes made €36-106 each.

Fat lambs made €56-65 over the weight in a price range of €99-117. Stores sold for €35-55 over.

Dowra had 650 sheep on offer on Saturday last with a steady trade reported and prices steady. The best of the store lambs made from €80-€95 each, while a few choice lots for future breeding made up to €120 each. The best of the ewes with lambs at foot made from €170 to €200, while older sheep with lambs sold from €120-160 each. Young in-lamb ewes made from €150-180 each, while prices for older in-lamb ewes ran from €80 to €120 each. Cull ewes made from €80-€110 for the best of the lots, while cull ewes for further feeding were selling for €55-75 each.

There was very little change in prices in Enniscorthy for the 1,010 on offer. Demand holding was strong for all classes, especially breeding stock and cull ewes. Butcher and factory lambs made €53-64 with the €/kg. Store prices ran from €50 to €61 over. Ewe lambs sold for €111-130/hd. Cull ewes made as high as €129. Breeding ewes with lambs at foot made €121-225.

Good demand for all types of sheep at Baltinglass saw three- and four-year-old ewes with twin lambs at foot making up to €240/unit. Ewes with singles made up to €137/unit.

Ewes scanned in lamb and carrying singles and doubles sold up to €105/ hd. Culls made up to €75 each. The 40-56kg lambs were selling for €56-60 over their weight, with the stores selling from €28 upwards over the €1/kg.

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