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Price lift in several categories but steers and light bulls take a hit


Bullocks under 400kg were making from €300-400 over the weight at Ballymote mart

Bullocks under 400kg were making from €300-400 over the weight at Ballymote mart

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Bullocks under 400kg were making from €300-400 over the weight at Ballymote mart

Ringside shows that the weanling heifers, the light store and beef heifers and the heavier weanling bulls enjoyed positive price movement during the past week.

This was counteracted by a drop in price to the steers, the light bulls and the forward store heifers, but the tops of the beef heifers were up by 6c/kg. Steers were back by 1-3c/kg.

Lighter lots generally sold for 205-260c/kg. The 400-600kg types made from 185-235c/kg while heavier steers ranged from 185-215c/kg. Plainer lots moved at 150-165c/kg. The light heifers were up by as much as 6c/kg and making from 205-240c/kg.

A range from 200-235c/kg bought most of the heifers over 400kg. The lesser quality lots made from 170-185c/kg. Light bulls were back by between 8-12c/kg at 220-295c/kg with the heavier types over 400kg up 3-5c/kg and selling for 215-260c/kg. Poorer quality bulls were selling for 150-200c/kg.

Prices were improved by 2-7c/kg for the weanling heifers. Lots under 300kg moved at 245-295c/kg. Heifers between 300-400kg sold for 225-270c/kg. Lots over 400kg made from 215-265c/kg with the top heifers improved by a significant 28c/kg. Plain heifers sold for 185-210c/kg.

Bullocks under 400kg were making from €300-400 over the weight at Ballymote mart. Lots between 400-500kg made from €380-625 over. The 500-600kg steers sold for €450-670 with their weight while heavier lots peaked at €870 with the €/kg.

Light heifers under 400kg ranged from €330-545 with their weight. The 400-500kg types sold for €400-755 over the €/kg. Heifers over 500kg made up to €870 over. Store cows made from €120-300 with the weight while heavy types made from €400-830 over. A special reduction sale of suckler cows varied from €1,200-2,500/unit. Weanling bulls under 300kg were selling for €320-540 with their weight. Lots between 300-400kg made from €380-700 over. Heavier lots were making up to €650 over. Weanling heifers under 300kg made from €300-545 over the weight. Heifers over 300kg made up to €700 with their weight.

Dowra had 760 cattle on offer last Saturday. Trade was steady with heifer weanlings under 300 kg making from €2.00-3.40/kg. Lots between 300-400 kg made from €1.80-2.90/kg. Lots weighing from 400-550 kg sold for €1.80-2.60/kg while lots over 550 kg made from €1.90-2.75/kg. Bull weanlings under 300 kg were selling for €2.00-3.50/kg. The 300-400 kg lots made from €1.75-2.85/kg. Store bullocks from 400-500kg ranged from €1.80-2.60/kg. Lots over 500 kg were making from €1.60-2.40/kg. The best of the cull cows made from €1.50-1.85/kg while feeders made from €1.10-1.50/kg.

Balla mart had 400 bullocks on offer. Heavy cattle met with their best trade so far this year and made up to €2.49/kg. Store bullocks under 400kg were making from €1.28-2.77/kg. Heifers up to 400kg sold for €1.59-2.91/kg. Heavy heifers made from €1.58-2.89/kg. A three-year-old Lim cow due to calve next month topped the sucklers at €1,860. The best cull cow, a 14-year-old Charolais peaked at €1,820. They had 600 weanlings offered for sale. Light bulls up to 400kg were making from €1.41-3.56/kg while heavier lots were making from €1.39-2.67/kg.

In the heifer section the light weanlings made from €2.32-3.42/kg. Heavier lots made from €1.95-3.37/kg.

Top class bulls over 600 kg in Raphoe sold for €620-820 over the weight. Beef bullocks moved at €545-785 with their weight. Stores sold for €400-770 with the €/kg. Beef heifers were making from €500-925 over the weight. Stores ranged from €350-830 over. Cull cow prices ran from €700-1,250 each.

Lighter bulls were a very strong trade at Ennis mart with farmer's actively buying stock. Heavier bulls were harder sold. Bulls over 400kg made from €1.85-2.42/kg, 300-400kg from €1.62-2.98/kg with lighter bulls under 300kg making from €1.96-3.42/kg. Heifers were again a strong trade with heifers over 400kg making from €1.80-2.39/kg, 300- 400kg from €1.82-2.80/kg and lighter heifers under 300kg from €1.78-3.20/kg. Suckler cow numbers were back but they were an excellent trade. Cows with a calf at foot made up to €1,830. In-calf cows sold to €1,610. Calf numbers were steady. Continental calves made up to €405. Runner heifers sold up to €720 with runner bulls selling to €900.

A small turnout of weanlings in Kilkenny saw the heavy bulls sell for €2.15-2.35/kg or €480-650 with the weight. Bulls under 400kg generally made from €2.20-2.70/kg. A range from €2.05-2.50/kg bought the majority of the weanling heifers but a few top quality lots sold up to a tops of €3.05/kg.

At their cattle sale, the heavy beef cattle were up €10/hd. Heavy steers made from €1.77-2.36/kg. Stores from 450-600kg made from €1.77-2.64/kg with lighter stores under 450kg making from €1.80- 2.72/kg. The heifers were again a very strong trade and also up €10/hd. Beef heifers sold for €1.80-2.54/kg and stores form €1.82-2.88/kg. There was a big sale of cull cows with more dairy cow on offers. Continental cows sold from €1.59-2.16/kg.


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