Farm Ireland

Sunday 18 February 2018

Price is right for farmers

THE prices farmers are getting for their food have soared after a disastrous year in 2009.

Cereal farmers have benefited most, with prices up nearly 59pc in August compared to the same time last year, which is largely down to a Russian ban on grain exports causing a worldwide lift.

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that dairy farmers have also seen a 38.7pc increase in prices, while for sheep farmers prices are up 22pc. Potato prices are up 13.3pc, cattle prices are up 8pc, pig prices are up 4.9pc and vegetable prices are up 0.4pc. Poultry prices fell by 2.8pc, however.

Overall, farm prices rose by 17.9pc in the last year, while the cost of inputs including feed, seed, fertiliser and energy fell by 1.1pc, meaning overall farming trade improved by 19.2pc.

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