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Friday 19 January 2018

Positive move on heifers, mixed fortunes for weanlings

Weanlings experienced mixed fortunes.
Weanlings experienced mixed fortunes.

Joe Healy

Ringside shows that steers had a tough week at the marts, heifer enjoyed almost universal positive movement while weanlings experienced mixed fortunes.

The continental heifer weanlings over 400kg were up by 7-13c/kg, while the best of the bulls over 400kg were up by 10-13c/kg and selling for 260c/kg back to 205c/kg.

Bull weanlings of 300-400kg were making from 210-270c/kg, while lighter types sold for 220-300c/kg.

Plainer lots ranged from 131c/kg to 161c/kg. The weanling heifer generally moved at 240-300c/kg, with the poorer quality lots selling for 200-220c/kg.

Bullocks less than 400kg were making from 205-275c/kg. The 400-500kg lots ranged from 200c/kg to 255c/kg, with the 500-600kg steers making 190-240c/kg. Heavier steers sold for 190-230c/kg. Lesser quality types moved at 136-161c/kg which was a drop of between 2-20c/kg.

Ballinakill reported a smaller sale with the small fancy cattle still selling well in both rings.

The 2013 born stores in both bullocks and heifer are enjoying the best of the trade. Heavy steers were selling for €1.80-2.30/kg.


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Forward stores sold for €1.85-2.45/kg, with the lighter lots making €1.90-2.75/kg.

Beef heifer were moving at €1.90-2.25/kg.

Stores ranged from €1.70/kg to €2.20/kg, while the weanling heifer made from €1.70/kg to €2.15/kg. The bull weanlings sold for €1.80-2.25/kg. Cull cows made €1.20-1.75/kg.

Numbers in Kilkenny at 1,250hd remain ahead of 2013 but the prices for beef bullocks are still disappointing. Cull cow prices are still meeting a firm trade.

The light store heifer and steer were back a steers were making €1.45-2.65/kg, while the lighter lots moved in a range from €1.50/kg to €3.20/kg or €200-650 over their weight.

Beef heifer made €2.00-2.75/kg. Butcher types sold for €1.80-2.20/kg or €430-680 with the €1/kg. Stores were making €1.60-2.85/kg.

Friesian cull cows varied from €0.95/kg to €1.80/kg, with continental cows selling from €1.35/kg to €2.05/kg.

Suckler cows with a calf at foot sold for €1,000-2,010/unit.

Another big sale and a very strong trade was the story from Ennis Mart. There were plenty of farmers and shippers actively buying stock and overall both the bull and heifer weanlings trade were improved by €10-20/hd.

Heavy bull weanlings made €1.80-2.72/kg, 300-400kgs sold for €1.45-3.02/kg and lighter bulls under 300kgs made €1.96-3.32/kg.

Clearance sale

Heifer weanlings over 400kgs sold for €1.80-2.75/kg, 300- 400kgs from €1.77/kg to €2.97/kg and lighter heifer under 300kgs for €1.78-3.00/kg.

There was a big sale of suckler cows which included a clearance sale and demand was keen. Cows with a calf at foot made up to €1,930. In-calf cows sold up to €1,400. Dairy cows were harder sold and peaked at €1,300.

Calf numbers were up on last week and trade was very strong. Friesian bull calves made up to €190, Hereford calves sold to €335 and Continental calves topped out at €480.

Steers sold for €1.76-2.95/kg. Fleshed heifer were making €2.05-2.47/kg, with the stores at €1.80-2.65/kg.

Continental cows sold for €1.55-2.04/kg, with Friesian cull cows at €0.95-1.70/kg. Cull bulls made up to €1,720.

Top class bulls over 600 kgs up in Raphoe were making €740-870 over the weight.

Beef bullocks sold for €535-780 over, while the stores made €325-790 with the weight.

Beef heifer ranged from €385 to €1,260 over the €1/kg. Stores made €350-925 over. Cull cow prices ran from €720 to €1,740 each.

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