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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Points to consider...

An ATV is an extremely powerful machine and most feature single-cylinder engines that can provide extraordinary levels of torque for towing or hill climbing.

In inexperienced, untrained or immature hands, they can also be dangerous.

They offer little or no protection in a collision and will likely cause serious injury in a rollover situation.

The Health and Safety Authority has a useful and practical guide to ATV usage on their website, so visit the link Publications_and_Forms/Publi cations/Agriculture_and_Fores try/ATV.pdf for more information.



? Wear a helmet.

? Get proper ATV training.

Also Read

? Be aware that the majority of ATVs have a solid rear axle (no differential) so they do not handle very well on hard surfaces.

? If possible, buy an ATV with an electric gear change – there is less scope for messing.


? They are extremely good fun and a great tool to work with but resist the temptation to mess around because they are also unforgiving in an accident – metal is far harder than flesh and bone.

? Don’t carry passengers – they upset the balance and handling of a quad and it is likely that both rider and passenger will end up with injuries.

? Don’t drive across really hilly terrain – the turnover risk is too high.

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