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Sunday 21 January 2018

What to look for in the perfect Holstein

Genetic variation to suit all dairy systems is to be the theme of the Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA) stand at this year's Ploughing Championships.

On display will be pedigree cows that will demonstrate the typical desirable attributes of a pedigree Holstein Friesian cow.

IHFA staff will be on hand to inform visitors about the society's various services, including registration, type classification, genomic testing, pedigree verification, catalogue service and the popular Young Members' Association.

The IHFA has 3,600 members in 15 club areas.

The staff will be available to help breeders with the new online catalogue service, genotype service, and the IHFA's newly developed breed statistics.

The association is responsible for the validity and upkeep of the herdbook of Holstein Fresian cattle, through DNA checks, and for giving direction to the development and promotion of the breed in Ireland through its many events and services.

The association offers a grade-up service, whereby commercial dairy cows can be graded up to full pedigree in three simple steps. It also offers classification/linear scoring, an online catalogue service, a genotype service and parentage verification.


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The stand will also feature a visitor competition, with a range of top prizes, including a pedigree heifer calf.

With the National Dairy Show set to take place at the Greenglens Arena, Millstreet, Co Cork, on October 15, IHFA members will be using the Ploughing Championships as a meeting point before the national show.

To find out more about the IHFA, go to Stand 803, Row W, Block 5.

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