WATCH: The efforts by one company at the Ploughing to rebuild its stand

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The efforts of one agri-business Agri Lloyd typifies the spirt of the thousands of people hard at work on the National Ploughing Championships site in Screggan, Tullamore recovering in the wake of Storm Ali.

High winds ripped though the site early this morning wreaking significant damage to many arenas and stands on the site.

Agri Lloyd stand is a typical example of the damage inflicted on many stands by the winds which blew well in excess of 100km/hr at times this morning.

The business arrived on site this after noon to find the side walls of their stand collapsed and significant damage to the structure of their enclosure.

But undeterred by this the company plans to work on through the evening and night to get their stand back in order for tomorrow.

Agri Lloyd which sells a variety of products for livestock farmers like many agri business which exhibit at the Ploughing Championships rely on it to drum up significant revenue and business over the coming year.

The loss of a day at the ploughing is no small thing for many of these businesses and will have a significant financial impact for many.

Their efforts were further hampered as the rain started to beat down on Wednesday at the site. But it's fair to say they deserve a visit by every visitor to the site on Thursday and Friday to commend their efforts.

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