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WATCH: Silky hips Elvis invites the Rose of Tralee on his combine harvester


Rose of Tralee Elysha Brennan will make another appearance at the Ploughing Championships on Thursday

Rose of Tralee Elysha Brennan got more than she bargained for at the ploughing when Kerry's very own Elvis impersonator asked her to take a trip on his combine harvester.

Elysha was appearing in the tent for a short Q&A before greeting and taking selfies with well-wishers when 'Elvis' pulled her up onto stage to introduce her. After 'The Rose of Tralee' was sung to Elysha, Elvis took over, asking her if she'd ever been on a combine harvester.

"I haven't", she said, "but there's a first time for everything!", to which he replied "I've a lovely green one at home, I'll take you for a spin sometime!"

Elysha was at the Ploughing for the opening and will make another appearance on Thursday in her official capacity as 2015 Rose of Tralee.

Speaking to, Elysha said that the last four weeks since being crowned the Rose had been "a whirlwind".

"Since I made the decision to put college aside for the year, it's all taken off from there".

Elysha has been very busy since winning the title, "appearing at something almost every day".

"I've had a few days off but not many!"

Elysha yesterday collected the keys to her brand new Kia car, part of the prize awarded to her by the Festival.

She told that her driving test "is not until next Tuesday" so friends and family will be driving the car home from the Ploughing for her.

When Elysha returns on Thursday she will be spending time with fans. "I'll mostly be meeting and greeting people", she said. "It's an amazing atmosphere".

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