WATCH: 'I like farming, it's really fun' - Meet Ireland's youngest farmers at the Ploughing

Catherine Devine and Jason Kennedy

Ireland's youngest farmers flocked to the Ploughing Championships to see the tractors, quads and the ploughing itself. spoke to the budding farmers about their jobs on the farm and what they think about their future job.

Olivia (8) brought style to the Ploughing with customised cow tag earrings.

"I help my mammy and daddy with the sheep and the cattle. I help shear the sheep, it can be hard sometimes.

"I got the ear hooks and my daddy got the tags at the Ploughing last year for me. So I made them into earrings."

Evan (9) says he enjoys farming with his parents but isn't sure if he'll be a farmer when he grows up.

"I like the lambing. I go out with my mammy and daddy and look for lambs. I'm not sure if I'll be a farmer, I might be a teacher.

Brothers Barry (9) and Martin (5) from Co Donegal said they are enjoying the quads and tractors at the Ploughing.

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"I like to drive tractors. I help my dad with walking the cows, bailing and the bog."

Martin says he wants to be a farmer when he grows up because he likes tractors.

Dara (7) and Cormac (6) from Co Galway are looking forward to seeing the Ploughing.

"We like helping our granddad feed the cows. I like farming, it's really fun."

Cormac said he likes tractors because "they wheel around".

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