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Friday 26 April 2019

Watch: Farmer feared for his cattle's safety at Ploughing during storm

Edward Dudley.
Edward Dudley.
Claire Fox

Claire Fox

Farmer Edward Dudley said “every hour felt like an eternity” when he was unable to access his heifers at the National Ploughing Championships due to site safety issues this morning.

Edward, who owns the well-known Kilsunny Hereford herd in Tipperary told FarmIreland that he feared that his two heifers would have no access to water as he was unable to access the site this morning until 12 noon.

“I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough water in the trough for them because I left them at 7pm on Tuesday. Every hour felt like an eternity but luckily we were left back on the site at 12 noon. I was worried because we hadn’t seen them in 15 hours,” he said.

Edward said the shed that his two heifers in was fully intact unlike marquees nearby. He added that after last year’s “washout Wednesday” at the Ploughing that he is always prepared for the unexpected when it comes to the weather.

“Last year the Wednesday was a complete washout so you have to be prepared for everything. Our shed flooded and we had to move the cattle out. The weather has just gone crazy. Luckily our shed is sturdy this year and all the animals are fine” he said.

Edward said that he is looking forward to displaying his two heifers tomorrow when the site is open to the public.

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