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Monday 20 November 2017

'Vote to keep the Seanad'

Former ICMSA president Jackie Cahill is calling on everyone in the food and agriculture sector to vote 'No' in the October 4 referendum on the abolition of the Seanad.

Mr Cahill says abolishing the Seanad will lose the opportunity for genuine experts on agriculture and farming to influence vital agriculture policy in the years ahead.

"Given the amount of regulations and rules coming out of Brussels on the food and agriculture sector, it is vitally important that the Oireachtas gives all of these the most careful and considered scrutiny and examination," Mr Cahill said.

"It is madness to consider reducing capacity of the Oireachtas to do this crucial work.

"Rather than abolishing the Seanad and reducing the amount of scrutiny the Oireachtas gives, we should be dramatically increasing it.

"We need more debate and analysis of these regulations – not less."

Mr Cahill said he supported proposals to reform the electoral process to give every citizen the right to vote on the make-up of the Seanad.

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