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Vintage tractors keeping heritage alive at National Ploughing Championships

Vintage tractors are a big draw at this years' Ploughing Championships. spoke to Alan Ryan, one of the members of the Durrow Vintage Club. "My Dad would have been into vintage tractors.. I grew up with it."

The family have several vintage tractors which they bring to various trade shows throughout the year.

One of the tractors, a vintage John Deere, is with the brothers today. "We imported her from Canada. She would have been a working tractor out in Canada but now she's kept in the shed between shows".

It's not only tractors the brothers are interested in, running a toy model car show for the local area and also collecting vintage motorbikes.

"We have over twenty bikes at home too - the oldest one from 1905.. I wouldn't ride them but the brother would - only around the field."

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