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Thursday 16 August 2018

VIDEO: Papal prop proves popular at Ploughing

Ryan O'Rourke

Pope Francis made a guest appearance at the Ploughing Championship this year, or at least a cardboard cut-out did.

The Jesuits in Ireland set up a stall and were allowing fans of the Pope to take pictures and selfies with a prop of the Holy Father, in preparation for his visit in August of next year.

Eamon McNamara, from Tuam Co. Galway spoke to FarmIreland about his plans for the papal visit.

“I’ll head along and see him, as long as it stays dry.

“It is good that he’s coming, it’s good for the community,” he said.

Emily Kelly from Kinsale Co Cork hopes she will be able to go and see the Pope when he comes.

“I hope I can go, I’m not well with my kidneys, but if I can’t my granddaughter will go for me and say a prayer,” said Emily.

Thomas (8) and his dad Michael, who are from Co Monaghan, took the time to take a selfie with the cut out.

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“Ah we’ll head down alright, even if it’s just to be there.

“It will be good for the kids to see him,” said Michael.

Little Thomas had his own comment on the cut out of the Pope.

“I hope he’s bigger in real life,” he said.

The Popes visit will be the first Papal in 40 years, the last one being Pope John Paul II in 1979.

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