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Redrock mixer cuts to the exact length

Redrock Machinery will be exhibiting its new Fiber-Tech mixer feeders at Ploughing. Designed to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep, at the heart of the new machines is the Fiber-Tech cutting system.

"This new cutting system ensures that all the components of the diet, including straw, are cut to the precise length in order to encourage optimal rumen function," explained Redrock's Frank Flynn.

"The Fiber-Tech system will be offered as standard in the new feeder range. We are also offering customised nutritional advice in terms of diet formulation, in tandem with a TMR Tracker system," he said.

"This provides farmers with a total solution in terms of managing feed costs and ensuring optimal performance from the various animals within specific groups," he added.

"The tracker system is fully compatible with all herd or farm record systems. At its most basic level, it will serve to check the programmed ration against that which is actually fed out.

"The system will also calculate and register daily feed costs, dry matter intakes and daily refusals."

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