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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Quad-X demonstrate true grit

The True Grit is a small scale commercial salt spreader popular with farms and hire companies.
The True Grit is a small scale commercial salt spreader popular with farms and hire companies.

Quad-X will be showcasing their latest innovations in ATV machinery in Tullamore on stand 412, including their new commercial spec dump trailer, True Grit commercial salt spreader, and a re-engineered range of sprayers and booms. These add to the comprehensive range of 100+ ATV attachments made by the firm in Ballymena, Co Antrim.

The dump trailer has been engineered for strength and durability, with farmers, grounds care contractors, landscapers, amenities and equestrian customers in mind.

Quad-X currently offer an extensive range of six models of tipping trailer, ideal for round the farm and garden. This new trailer with pivot bogie suspension has been developed to a heavy duty specification for heavier loads and for use with larger ATVs and utility vehicles (UTVs) or compact tractors.

A hand pump is available to assist with tipping. When used with an ATV/UTV or tractor, an optional electric hydraulic tipping mechanism is available to easily tip at the push of a button, while compact tractors use the tractor hydraulics to tip.

The True Grit is a small scale commercial salt spreader popular with farms and hire companies.

This spreader is capable of spreading damp salt thanks to the feed mechanism continually pushing material forward, irrespective of moisture and consistency, all to help prevent clogging and facilitate an even spread of salt.

The machine is available in various capacities and models including from 120L in a towed model, and up to 600L in a mounted model, suitable for pick-up trucks.

Spreading can be activated from inside your vehicle and spread width can be adjusted thanks to a user friendly control unit giving precise control during operation. With an adjustable spinner position, spread can be offset to the left or right. True Grit spreaders are simple, reliable and effective, providing an affordable alternative to large scale belt drive machines.

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Quad-X have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of ATV sprayers and booms since 1993 and have much experience in spraying technology.

Andrew Kitson, product engineer says: "Customers can have every confidence that our spraying range will meet and surpass the appropriate testing criteria and give impressive performance.

"We have re-engineered the range with a new easy mount system which fixes the tanks safely and securely to any ATV, with combined mounts for the boom. This easy mount system allows for quick and easy removal of the boom."

Quad-X offer a range of sprayers and booms to suit different budgets and different users, with sprayers from 60L capacity to 230L and booms from 5ft to 16ft spray width.

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