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Friday 19 January 2018

Producer's engagement ring stolen in home burglary while she worked at Ploughing Championships

Lisa and Keith
Lisa and Keith
Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Lisa McCabe's house was broken into and her engagement ring stolen while she was working at the Ploughing Championships in Stradbally, Co. Laois.

Lisa is currently working with RTÉ to produce live shows from the Ploughing Championships, one of which was on-air when her fiancé Keith Moore left her a voicemail asking her "to call him urgently".

Lisa and Keith
Lisa and Keith

Speaking to, she said that when she phoned him back, he told her their house had been broken into and asked her did she have anything of value. She told him she'd left her engagement ring at home because she (doesn't) "like to bring it when I'm on shoots, in case I lose it.... ironically!"

Lisa had placed the ring in a ring box, in a bag and hid it at the back of the wardrobe but that didn't deter the thieves. "They took the box and left the bag.... they smashed in the back door, pulled out all the drawers... they made a mess".

Gardaí told Lisa and Keith that whoever broke into her house were "only looking for a quick sale".

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"They said they were looking for either cash or jewellery. My car was there, they opened it but there's nothing in it... they didn't take it".

Lisa is not sure that her ring was the only thing taken and won't know until she returns home from Portlaoise. However, she's not sure that the thieves knew she was working away from home this week. "My car is outside...It's really scary to think they might have thought I was there".

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Lisa posted a picture of the ring on Facebook asking people to share. It's been shared over 300 times. The couple are hoping that the unique design of the ring will aid Gardaí in tracking it down and are asking pawn shop proprietors to keep an eye out for the piece.

The ring was designed by Lisa's fiancé Keith in Belgium, based on the design of Lisa's favourite ring. The white-gold ring features a criss-cross design with a larger diamond in the middle and the band is encrusted with diamonds.

Lisa is "absolutely distraught" over the loss. "I know it's just material but it's the sentimental value that it holds... I'm really hoping I get it back. I'm trying to stay positive".

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