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Monday 19 March 2018

Meet Carrie Acheson - The voice of the Ploughing Championships for 32 years

Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy

For 32 years, Tipperary woman Carrie Acheson has been addressing the hundreds of thousands of attendees at the National Ploughing Championships.

From her isolated Command and Control Unit beside Ploughing HQ, Ms Acheson lets the punters know of lost kids and missing property.

Her voice echoes across the Laois showgrounds every few minutes, occasionally espousing some witty comments across the tannoy system.

Before her job as the voice of the championships, she was on the event's board - the only woman in a 28 person committee.

"I was simply always involved in the Ploughing Championships," she said.

"I worked with farm machinery and I worked with farmers, so they kind of trusted me. You did your job, you knew your job and you were accepted for it.

Carrie Acheson
Carrie Acheson

"Once you gave the man the right part of the machine that was broken, he didn't worry about your sex."

Despite her years of service to the organisation, she says she will retire from the microphone in the next year or two.

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"Isn't it about time I retire?," she said.

"Every time I go to the Ploughing, I don't like coming, but I love it when I'm here."

Before coming along the competition, Ms Acherson and her secretary stock up on sweets and books for the children who eventually and inevitably go missing. On the busiest day of the competition, with around 125,000 attendees, she says there have been around 10 or twelve missing kids.

"When you think of the magnitude and size and the density of the crowd, well than maybe that isn't too much."

Among the most common misplaced items are mobile phones, keys and identification. Anything Ms Acheson can send away, she sends to the relevant authorities once the competition comes to an end.

"We come to the Ploughing, we do the job and we love it. We meet everybody. We just love it."

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