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Wednesday 21 February 2018

McHale to display its baling trio

F5000 series to be stand's focus

Bruce Lett

Following the styling lead of its variable chamber baler series, Mayo firm McHale will launch its new F5000 range of fixed chamber round balers at this year's Ploughing Championships.

McHale has a presence in 45 countries and this will be a world debut of the firm's F5000 range on home turf.

With new curved panel work, the three-model F5000 range replaces the existing F500 series.

According to John Biggins, McHale's sales manager, the new F5000 balers "bring baling to a new level".

"The F5000 has better intake capabilities, better chopping options, smoother drop floor operations, superior controls and up to 10pc higher density bales," Mr Biggins said.

"The F5000 balers have a lot of features, which simplify life for the operator and deliver a machine which is more reliable and easier to maintain."

The F5400, F5500 and F5600 are the three new models in the new F5000 line up.

The F5400 is a non-chopper baler, the F5500 is a 15-knife chopper baler, with the optional selectable knife banks of seven, eight or 15 to give a chop length of around 65mm (with all knives in). The F5600 is a fully automatic baler with a load-sensing hydraulic system, and it features a 23-knife chopper. Again with the optional selectable knife bank, it can be split to give the choice of using 11, 12 or 23 knives to give a chop length of around 46mm with all knives in.

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The firm has not adopted the camless pickup design which appears increasingly popular among manufacturers.

"After extensive testing of various types of pickups, it was decided that all machines in the F5000 range would be fitted with a 2m galvanised high intake pickup," Mr Biggins said.

"For more difficult short grass conditions, the F5500 and F5600 will be fitted with a five-tine bar pickup, which is estimated to give 25pc better ground cleaning and 25pc more crop transfer."

The drive to the baler is through a split-drive gearbox, driving the baler's rollers on one side and the chopper rotor and pickup on the other.

The drive side of the rotor is fitted with a double row bearing, while the complete pickup reel and chopper unit has been mounted to maximise reel flotation. A drop floor helps clear any blockages and can be operated from the cab.

On the F5500 and F5600 chopper baler, there are two systems for monitoring the chopper knives. The baler's control box shows the knife working pressure. An increase in pressure might indicate blunt knives or tough chopping conditions. The firm also uses a sensor to monitor the distance between the tip of the knife and the rotor. If anything changes, the control box notifies the operator.

The bale chamber itself is 1.23m by 1.25m and is formed by 18 heavy-duty rollers with heavy-duty 50mm tapered roller shafts.


The roller ends are fitted with a unique reverse-thread sealing system, which hinders the crop from getting into the bearings. The F5400 is fitted with a manual centralised greasing block, which can be maintained with a grease gun. An automatic progressive greasing system is fitted to the F5500 and F5600.

A new high-performance netter has been designed and developed for the F5000 range. The net tension can be adjusted on a variable pulley on the right-hand side of the machine and it wraps 180° around on the rubber feed roller, which McHale says eliminates any net slippage while feeding.

Net rolls up to 1,300mm in width -- and any length -- can be accommodated. On the F5400 and F5500, net can be adjusted by moving a handle on the machine. On the F5600, net adjustment can be handled from the control box in the tractor cab. Net loading is through what the firm calls a "simple yet very effective rock and roll net loading system".

On the new F5000 range, three control boxes are available. The F5400 is equipped with a 'Wizard Control Console', with a four-digit display containing all the functionality required to operate the machine.

A new 'Wizard Plus Control Console' has been developed for the F5500 baler, which McHale says features a large graphic display that indicates all relevant functions and allows the operator to control machine features such as drop floor, knife position and knife selection.

The F5600 features the firm's 'Expert Plus Control Console'. With a large graphic display, it also automates tailgate opening and closing. The operator can also adjust the net and density from the tractor cab.

If the machine is equipped with the selectable knife option, the knife banks can be selected from the tractor cab to get the required chop length.

The F5400 costs €34,964 + VAT, the F5500 €39,200 + VAT and the F5600 €45,408 + VAT.

See the new McHale F5000 series on stand 264, Row J.

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