Machinery: Valtra shows some more Finnish finesse

Valtra's new N series model will be on display at the Agco stand at the Ploughing.
Valtra's new N series model will be on display at the Agco stand at the Ploughing.
Derek Casey

Derek Casey

In the last year, Valtra has expanded its popular N series range of tractors with the introduction of new models in response to customer demand.

The Finnish firm will be displaying the new N series at the Ploughing under the Agco stable, alongside Massey Ferguson and Fendt. These N series tractors have the potential to be popular sellers in Ireland as they fall into the 111-135hp power bracket- the best selling power range here.

The N103.4 brings a four- cylinder option to the lower end of the model line-up alongside the popular N103 model.

The bigger N103.4 is an excellent front-loader tractor that offers a wide range of equipment and features. The Agco powered 4.4-litre engine has very good low-end torque and is fuel efficient. The maximum output of both models is 111hp.

The N103.4 is available with either a three-step or a five-step transmission. Also available on the new model - and on the N113 and N123 - is a new turbine clutch that enables smooth starts and is easy on the transmission.

This unique Valtra feature further enhances the front-loader capabilities of the N Series.

The selection of Versu and Direct models has also been expanded to include lower horsepower models in the N Series with the introduction of the N123 Versu and N123 Direct.

The addition of the most powerful and extensive load-sensing hydraulics in this class of tractors - 115 or 160 litres per minute - with separate oils, as preferred by contractors, enables the smaller N Series models to be used in new ways.

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The N123 Versu and Direct models can be specified with the same equipment and features as larger N Series tractors. Options include the 'TwinTrac' reverse drive system and a factory-fitted front loader.

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