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Monday 23 April 2018

Keenan all set to launch sleek 150-cow mixer wagon

Derek Casey

Derek Casey

Keenan is celebrating 30 years in business after it launched its first mixer wagon at the RDS spring show in 1983.

This week, it is launching a new nine-tonne payload mixer wagon at the National Ploughing Championships. The Keenan MF380 was developed to fill the gap between the current MF360 and MF400 models. It has a nominal capacity of 24 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 9,000kg to feed up to 150 dairy cows in one load. These statistics mean that it is primarily targeted at bigger milk producers and the export market.

Overall, the operation is similar to the MF400, but in a more compact design. Some differences include the use of three chains on the 540rpm drive and 20l of oil in the oil bath. The machine has all of the characteristics of the popular Mech Fiber range which has heavy duty blades fitted as standard for a long life.

Keenan claims that the range is optimised for chopping fodder beet, forage maize, grass silage, straw and a wide range of other feed ingredients to deliver a thorough mix with the minimal usage of fuel and lower-powered tractors. The firm points to independent research and farm testimonials from Britain, Holland and the USA to support these assertions.

Stephen Hennessy, market director for Ireland, said: "Our sales for the year to date are up 20pc and the export market is strong. We have more than 31,000 customers in 40 countries. France is our biggest market and China is an emerging one. About 70pc of our turnover is in overseas markets, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand and even Mongolia."

The chassis on the MF340 is similar in principle, strength and operation to the MF400, but retains a low-slung design to minimise height. The axle location has also been optimised to reduce the weight on the hitch to 2.5 tonnes when fully laden. The machine uses 385/55 R22.5 tyres as standard to minimise height and improve accessibility to tight feeding sheds.


The body design has been changed to carry the curve of the body around closer to the top knife. Keenan engineers say this reduces the peak power requirement of the wagon and the stress on the machine. The feed out has also been redesigned to minimise its effect on the overall width of the machine.

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The complete oil bath for the chain drive has been retained from the MF400, but simplified for maintenance. The access to the oil bath drive line has been improved by the use of a sealed oil bath, with two full-depth fibreglass doors. These allow for ease of access to the complete drive line in open operation.

The machine is manufactured with 28 blades as standard and 20 optional additional blades. They are set up in a double herringbone arrangement and slightly offset to optimise chopping.

The hitch uses the same 40mm heavy-duty hitch as the MF400, but with a similar mounting arrangement to the MF300 for ease of adjustment.

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